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Russell Stout

Russell Stout

Wealth Manager

Russell has almost 25 years of experience as a Financial Advisor, with a proven reputation for excellent service, and accuracy driven results. Many of his clients have been life-time commitments, and most have previously collaborated with other advisors. 

Prior to joining Excelsior Wealth Partners, Russell spent over 10 years with M&T Securities, and another 5 working with the Sports & Entertainment division of a firm in Miami, Fl that specialized in celebrities, artists, and professional athletes. 

Russell also briefly pursued a role with the financial crimes branch of the FBI, being conditionally appointed as a Special Agent in 2009, before opting to pursue a Special Forces (Rep 63) contract with the Florida National Guard, as an initial entry SF candidate. This pursuit was cut short by injuries, and after 21 months, Russell returned to the world of investment management.

Russell has been fortunate to meet many amazing people and acknowledge the wonderful experiences that evolved from his unique pursuits, but what he is most proud of is his son, Chance.